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Typographic Wall Calendar

2014 Typograhic Wall Calendar

The Typographic Wall Calendar is a project I’ve been working on since 2009.
The calendar is made of exactly the number of used keyboard keys (2000 and 14) that represent the year.

The Typographic Wall Calendar is crowd funded with Kickstarter. Below you can see the campaign video explaining the project. The funding was successfully on 31. December 2013. Now the calendar is available here.
Thanx for sharing! You’re awesome!
“…stunning reinterpretation of a calendar is a masterful example of how a designer can completely flip a genre signifier on its head. Geisler reimagines calendars in order to change the way we visualize time, and in turn, redefines what it means to save the date.”
Mike McGregor, Kickstarter, NYC
“The more I look at this poster, the more in awe of it I am… it’s a complete revision of the way we construct time, month by month, day by day. To see a year laid that way is somehow frightening and optimistic.”
Elizabeth Kiefer, Editor at Fab, NYC
“…my heart went all a-flutter.”
— Blair Pfander, Sundance Channel, Brooklyn

— Armin Vit, Quipsologies (former Speak Up) Vol.47 No.60, Austin TX
“…simple, effective, straightforward, yet dizzying…” 

— Xiaoli Li, Formatmag

“…unique DIY…” 

— Abby Jenkins, Apartment Therapy Unpluggd, US

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Typographic Wall Calendar

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