Harald Geisler in the Media

What does the press say about Harald Geisler?

2011 May 17th: "Das Medium ist die Botschaft. Geislers typografischer Kalender übersetz die Zeit in reinen Text." portrait written by Christoph Schröder in Börsenblatt #178
Christoph Schröder interviewed me in my studio in April The protrait was printed in “Börsenblatt” #178, a magazin focused on bookpublishing.
Ein Jahr in 2011 Computertasten
you can download the →PDF. Börsendblatt #178 – Portrait Harald Geisler – BBL_2011_SPEZ_KAL_034-MEN-Geisler
January 5th: "…minimalistic, slightly interfering and really cool." in Slanted

Hans Schumacher about the Typographic Wall Calendar 2011:


January 1st : Sevigny on Typographyserved.com
Sevigny is featured on Typography Served :

2010 December 13th: Typographic Wall Calendar 2011 in German design magazine PAGE
Antje Dohmann about the Typographic Wall Calendar 2011 on Kickstarter:

November 22nd: "…der minutiöse Wahnsinn, …(der) eher an J. Johns oder einen sehr disziplinierten J. Pollock erinnert…" in typography magazine Slanted
Hans Schumacher wrote a nice article on the slanted Website about the Typographic Wall Calendar 2011 on Kickstarter:

October 10th: "…one-of-a-kind…" Armin Vit, Quipsologies (former Speak Up)
Armin Vit featured the Typographic Wall Calendar 2011 in Quipsologies Vol 47 No.60:

October: Typographic Wall Calendar featured in DMIG - Design made in Germany
DMIG Design made in Germany featured the Typographic Wall Calendar 2011 :

September 16th: Whimsical Musical featured in German design magazine PAGE
Whimsical Musical is featured in German graphic design magazine PAGE:

August: Ciseaux Matisse in Typodarium 2011
Ciseaux Matisse font family is featured in Typodarium 2011:
July 27th: Zebramatic on Typographyserved.com
Zebramatic is featured on Typography Served :

January 2nd: “…simple, effective, straightforward, yet dizzying…” in Format Magazine
Xiaoli Li wrote a nice article about the Typographic Wall Calendar 2010:

Collected Quotes:

“…stunning reinterpretation of a calendar is a masterful example of how a designer can completely flip a genre signifier on its head. Geisler reimagines calendars in order to change the way we visualize time, and in turn, redefines what it means to save the date.”
Mike McGregor, Kickstarter, NYC

Armin Vit, Quipsologies (former Speak Up) Vol.47 No.60, Austin TX

“…der minutiöse Wahnsinn, …(der) eher an J. Johns oder einen sehr disziplinierten J. Pollock erinnert als an deinen normalen Wandkalender.” 

Hans Schumacher, slanted.de / projektgrafik.de, Berlin

“DuMont Tipp – Ein besonderes Kalenderprojekt”
DuMont Kalenderverlag, dumontkalender.de, Cologne

“Creative of the week” 

Gerrie Smits, The RAAKonteur #20, London

“…simple, effective, straightforward, yet dizzying…”
Xiaoli Li, Formatmag

“…staggering image…”
Erik Brandt, geotypografika.com, Minneapolis

“It’s a completely unique project, and both an expensive and huge undertaking…”

Jamie Homer, flush-left.co.uk, UK

“…thought intrigued…” 

Idealog Weekly,idealog.co.nz, New Zealand


Thomas Arendt, blog.makeyourmark.dk, Denmark

“…perfekte Tastenkombination für das kommende Jahr.” 

Publique, itspublique.de, Germany


Andrew Dobrow, Geektoplasm

“…unique DIY…” 

Abby Jenkins, Apartment Tharapy Unpluggd, US

“…This is calendar ART. This is art that is a CALENDAR…” 

km, Clerk & unwell, Chicago

“…VIDEO DES TAGES: 2011 Typographic Wall Calendar…ein völlig einzigartiges Projekt.” 

Carina Czisch, Grafiker.de, Berlin

An interview with Typeradio

I am a big fan of Typeradio. I dreamed that when one day I would get interviewed on Typeradio I would turn the tables around and interview the interviewers themself. On Designmai 2006 my dream came true: Friedrich Althausen and me interviewed Donald und Liza from Typeradio on their own show. Listen to the Interview here → https://www.typeradio.org/loudblog/index.php?id=256

A world-premiers. This is the first time Liza and Donald themselves have to answer the 20 yes/no questions. Invited by students from Halle, Offenbach and Weimar, there is no chance to escape. Also not the legendary penis question and the Underwear question. Listen to this to meet Donald and Liza in person.

And after traveling the whole world to it is finally the time to reveal the often discussed & legendary list of best looking type-designers world-wide. Who is in the list? [typeradio.org]
On the picture: Sibylle Schlaich, Harald Geisler, Alex Branczyk, Designmai-Visitor, Friedrich Althausen, Liza Enebeis, Donald Beekman. (Thanks for the photo David.)

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