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Update #2
July 2022


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You downloaded Karl Gerstner's Designing Programmes as a PDF, and I wanted to let you know that an updated version is ready for you to download from your account:
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The new version is in your download menu as “Designing Programmes - Update July 2022”. I recommend deleting older versions to keep your documents organized. You can expect the next update in October 2022

📚 Let's talk book.

This update brings 16 changes to the PDF (9 for English and 7 for the German edition). Most of the changes came from conversations with Sarah and Romain, two French students who set out to translate "Designing Programmes" to French. Translating means working closely with language and typography. They often used the German and English editions (2007 and 1968) for cross-reference and uncovered many mistakes and inconsistencies.

One Example: On page 16, Le Corbusier's Modulor "transformed" to module. A mistake already present in the 1968 edition and slipped into the 2007 print edition. Please find a detailed list of changes further down in the email (↓Update History) or on the updated PDF's last page (p.123).

I like to thank Sarah and Romain for their help and meticulous efforts. This now makes Designing Programmes and Programme entwerfen in the updated July 2022 Version a better document. Thank you!

And of course, I hope to tell you more about Sarah and Romain's work in the following updates.

Restez à l’écoute pour les prochaines mises à jours!

Preview: Programme as Grid.

Jenny, a Melbourne typography teacher, reached out last year asking me if I had a file with Gerstners Capital grid available. She wrote:

The plan is to provide it to students for experimentation to introduce the value of grid systems. Gerstner's book is on the reading list.

The idea of working with the Typography of the Capital Magazine (or "mobile grid") was very intriguing to me because it was one of the pieces that drew me to Gerstner's typography in the first place. So I thought this was a fabulous idea and a welcome reason to revisit the material myself. I put it on my to-do list and started diving into the examples I had from Capital Magazine at hand, and… well, now the file is almost ready. I hope to share the whole story and files with the next update.

Stay tuned!

📚 A big "Thank you." 🙏

to everybody who supported the project update this quarter. This update is possible because of the financial support of 8 people from around the globe.

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640 people downloaded Programme Entwerfen. Two people signed up to support the German edition with 6€. I want to take some space to thank them:

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The stark difference between downloads and donations from the English and German editions stood out to me, and I wonder what does it mean? 😂

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Update History:

Update #2: 12. July 2022.

English edition

Update July 2022:
  1. P.16 - Programme as Grid - changed the word »module« to Modulor. This error was already present in the 1968 edition and slipped into the 2007 print. The German edition uses to correct term in all editions referencing Le Corbusier’s Modulor unit. However, I do not own the 1964 edition - to cross-check it with the first edition.
  2. P.35 - The old Berthold sans serif on a new basis - »Univers, Folio, Helvetica« and »Futura« »Gill« set in italic.
  3. P.37, 38, 39, 42, 43 - The old Berthold sans serif on a new basis - »Gerstner programme« changed to »Gerstner programm« - then changed to »gerstner programm.« A Note: While working on the printed edition in 2005-2007, we(Geisler, Gerstner, Pabst) worked focusing on the German edition; this would explain why the German edition focuses on using the lowercase writing »gerstner programm.« In the English Version, there is inconsistent use of italics for Names and the old writing »Gerstner programme.« That is why I believe calling the typeface »gerstner programm« instead of »Gerstner programm« is what the author would have intended at that time. (But you are welcome to change my mind.)
  4. P.42: - A new beginning: the IBM original - corrected the publication dates of Designing Programmes’ first and second editions: 1963 to 1964 and 1965 to 1968. These differ from the dates in the preface of the English 1968 Edtion: Ascona, September 11, 1963, and Basle, December 31, 1967
  5. P.42: - A new beginning: the IBM original - Didot is now in italics because it references the typeface, not the designer.
  6. P.42: - A new beginning: the IBM original - line break after »Especially noticeable in the delicate Didot.« To match the German structure of the text.
  7. P.6 & P.43: - A new beginning: the IBM original - corrected »Gerstner private« to »Gerstner privata«
  8. P.47: - A new beginning: the IBM original - Exchanged the description for images 4 and 5 which now show the correct text.
  9. P.123: Appended a Change-log to record the changes made to the document.

Deutsche Ausgabe

Update Juli 2022:
  1. S.3, 42, 49: - Neubeginn: die IBM original - »orginal« zu original, Rechtschreibfehler korrigiert.
  2. S.42: - Neubeginn: die IBM original - Jahreszahlen der Veröffentlichung der 1. und 2. Auflage von Programme entwerfen angepasst and die in der Englischen Ausgabe angegebenen Jahreszahlen im Inhaltsverzeichnis: 1963 zu 1964, 1965 zu 1968. Diese weichen wiederum ab von den Verfassungsdaten der Vorwörter in der 1968 Ausgabe (Ascona, September 11, 1963 und Basle, December 31 1967)
  3. S.42: - Neubeginn: die IBM original - Didot is now in italics because it references the typeface, not the designer.
  4. S.47: - Neubeginn: die IBM original - Tauschen der Texte zu Bild 4 und 5, diese beschreiben nun das korrekte Bild.
  5. S.50: - Neubeginn: die IBM original - Bodoni is now in italics because it references the typeface, not the designer.
  6. S.80, 81 - Bilder-machen heute? - Absätze in der Beschreibung der Konstellationen angepasst an die inhaltliche und gedankliche Gruppierung der Konstellationen.
  7. S.123: Anfügen eines Änderungsprotokolls um die Änderungen am Dokument kenntlich zu machen.


Update July 2022:
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