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  • Typographic Object #0 – 8

    Typographic Object #0 – 8HOW ARE YOU

    Nine Typographic Objects produced in the context of the Typographic Postcard Series. The project was first presented on Kickstarter in September 2020. Typographic Object #0HOW ARE YOU2020 sold Owner: J. Ulanovsky, B. A., ArgentinaNovember 2020 Typographic Detail:On the first day of January in 2002, the Euro currency was introduced. After 1999 keyboard manufacturers started to…



    WISH YOU WERE HERE Objectcreated in 2018signed on the backside Framed 35x35x4.5cm

  • SATOR Square

    SATOR Square

    updated 21 Oct. 2022 The SATOR Square is a Latin Palindrome. The keys read the same backward and forwards, from bottom to top. As a result, the SATOR Square evokes a calming sense of order and complete symmetry. The earliest datable square was found in the ruins of Pompeii, which was buried in the ash…

  • Space in Writing.

    Space in Writing.

    “a quietly provocative composition thatre-contextualizes the space bar as a functional signifier of emptiness.” Another dear series made with keyboard keys is “Space in Writing.” The first object had this text written on the back: Seventeenwordstodescribeseventeenusedspacebars,arrangedvertically,leftalignedinawhitewoodenframe. So far, I have created six objects in this series. With every object, one space bar is removed from…

  • Goethe on a plate:
    Life loves, loving enlivens.

    Goethe on a plate: Life loves, loving enlivens.

    Leben liebtlieben belebt Glück auf!Müssen und wollendenken und tunstreben und warten Life lovesloving enlivens Good luck!Obliged and willingthinking and performingstrive and waiting Harald Geisler’s handwritten black ink calligraphy on white Rosenthal porcelain.Poem by Goethe. Diameter 16.5cm, every piece is handmade, open edition.