They don’t care that you’re a vegetarian. Delicate white plate with handwritten blue calligraphy and triple gold trim on bavarian porcelain.

The plate is plain white, with two gold bands and a gold rim. Simple and delicate.

I’m a typographer and the plate is part of an ongoing research I’m doing about how writing and images are used on tableware. It started when i continuously had to look at the ikea logo at the the cheap glasses in my studio after finishing a drink. Then i realized that there is on almost everything a logo, typography, images that subtle but constant deliver information.

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Truth and Politics – Wahrheit und Politik – Plate with a Quote from Hannah Arendt – SOLD

“Wahrheit und Politik” refers to the title of an essay that was published 1964 by Hannah Arendt (October 14, 1906 – December 4, 1975). The text was translated from german to english and then published in 1967 “Truth and Politics.”

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