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The Cancel / Save / OK series is inspired by the typography and design of the classic Mac OS user interface. The typeface used throughout the classic Mac OS system in buttons, menus and dialogs is called Chicago.

Below you see a draft of a vector drawing I made to print the buttons in high resolution.

Chicago and most of the other, now iconic imagery was designed by Susan Kare in the 1980’s. The Font was used up until Mac OS 7.6 (1984 – 1997).

In an article regarding Macintosh typefaces published 1991 in Electronic Publishing, type designers Charles A. Bigelow and Kris Holmes note:

“Macintosh Chicago is a distinctive design. There are few faces quite like it in traditional typography, even among so-called “display” faces, used for headlines and titling. Because Chicago is deeply integrated into the Macintosh System, used in menus, titles, etc., it is a fundamental part of the look of the Macintosh.”

The Cancel / Save notepad was funded with the help of 67 backers on Kickstarter in January 2017. Thank you.

The Cancel / OK Sticky notes were funded with the help of 216 backers on Kickstarter in June 2018. Thank you.

Notepads are temporarily out of stock. Purchase Sticky notes right here:

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Specifications Notepad:

  1. 50 sheets per notepad
  2. 148mm width
  3. 210mm height
  4. upright format
  5. perfect binding on top edge
  6. offset printed
  7. recycled paper

The notepads are produced climate neutral (CO₂ Neutral) in high quality offset print in Germany.

Specifications Sticky Notes:

  1. 100 sheets Sticky notes per Block
  2. 125mm (5 inch) width
  3. 75mm (3 inch) height
  4. landscape format
  5. sticks on top edge
  6. offset printed

The sticky notes are produced in the Netherlands

Shipping: All items ship from Germany – shipping is included in the price. Delivery can take up to 3 weeks. Shipments are not trackable – if you wish to track your shipment or an express delivery please contact me for details.

Would you like to order more than 10 Notepads/Sticky notes?
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