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There’s a new update available to the Martin Luther king Font. You can download the font from your account:

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This update adds two new letterforms, lowercase o (version 2) and u (version 2).

The new version will show up in your font menu as “Martin Luther King 2021 June”. I recommend uninstalling older versions to keep your font menu organized.

Transparency is important. Please find a detailed spreadsheet with the total number of supporters and donations →here.

A big “Thank you.”
to everybody who supported the creation of the font this month. This update is possible because of the financial support of 22 people from around the world. I want to take some space to thank them:

J. Harris, Montgomery, Al 🇺🇸
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H. Billetter, Kerpen, North Rhine-Westphalia 🇩🇪

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Let’s talk fonts.

This update adds two new letterforms, lowercase o (version 2) and u (version 2). Vowels appear more often than consonants. In handwriting, letters look similar but are never exactly the same. To make a handwriting font more vivid I add multiple versions of a letter. As you type the font automatically chooses an alternative version to the one used before. For example, when you type the work look, the o’s will appear different.

This change may seem small, but it enriches the reader with a variety of forms. And I find this kind of complexity is very pleasing for the eye.

If this is not working on your computer, have a look at the tutorial from →Update #16 on how to activate Initial and Final Forms. This might help.

Podcast Tip:
World House Podcast

I like to recommend this podcast to you. Dr. Clayborne Carson is the director of the King Papers Project and Editor of Dr. Kings Autobiography. When I started making the font, I reached out to Carson to recommend manuscripts to me for my research on King’s handwriting. He sent me a specific document which you’ve already seen. A picture of (a copy of) it is the header of this email. I use these printouts to mark letter forms. In Episode 3 “Crozer Theological Seminary” Carson explains why this manuscript is so important.

The episodes (21) are very well produced and it is a pleasure to listen to. Just today I listened to 6 of them! The structure of the episodes seems to be oriented on the book Carson wrote on King. So, on one hand, the podcast gives you a great overview of Dr. King’s life in general, and on top, you get updated on the current research status.

From the description:
“Listen to Dr. Clayborne Carson, director of The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute, and Dr. Mira Foster, director of the Liberation Curriculum, as they talk about anything and everything related to Martin Luther King, Jr., and the freedom struggles he inspired.

The World House is a series of podcasts designed to introduce you to the work of the King Institute and in particular to the King Papers Project. The project started more than three decades ago, when Coretta Scott King asked Dr. Clayborne Carson to edit and publish a definitive edition of The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. Although King is perhaps the best-known American of the twentieth century, at the King Institute we continue discovering new information about King’s life. The World House podcast reveals that there is still much that we can learn about this remarkable man.”

Two ways to support the Martin Luther King font.

This project is very dear to me; I hope you enjoy the font. Without support, this project would not be possible! The more people support the project, the more time I can spend working on the font.

1. Spread the word.

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