Harald Geisler Portrait

Harald Geisler is a broadly skilled typographer based in Frankfurt am Main. He received his formal education in design from The HfG in Offenbach, during which he republished the book “Designing Programs” by Karl Gerstner with Lars Muller Publishers (Switzerland). He currently directs his own studio in Frankfurt, where he balances a variety of independent projects.

Harald’s current work spans from font design, ebooks, an annual typographic wall calendar and type on cermanics. He has worked for, among others, Linotype (Germany) and the Goethe University (Frankfurt). Harald’s 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Typographic Wall Calendar as well as the Sigmund Freud Typeface were recently a successful project on Kickstarter, which enabled him to distribute the work internationally. His fonts are available on here on this website and MyFonts.


Born 2nd of April 1980 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


  1. Abitur (Art, Mathematics and History), Wöhlerschule Frankfurt am Main
  2. 2000-2001

  3. Living in Berlin
  4. 2001

  5. Exhibition at Lola Montez, Frankfurt
  6. 2002

  7. Collective exhibition “Lola Montez im Frankfurter Kunstverein”, Frankfurter Kunstverein
  8. Collective exhibition “Free Manifesta”, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt am Main
  9. 2003

  10. Solo show at Blumen, Berlin
  11. Atelier in Frankfurt am Main
  12. 2005

  13. Accepted to study typography at the University of Arts and Design Offenbach (HfG Offenbach) invited by Prof. Friedl.
  14. Collective exhibition “9. Rundgang”, HfG Offenbach
  15. Guest student at the typography department at FH Darmstadt (Prof. Hoffmann Robbiani)
  16. 2006

  17. Guest student for font design at FH Potsdam (Prof. De Groot), and guest auditor at UdK Berlin
  18. 2006 – 2008 – Commissioned art direction of 8 newspaper issues for the AStA of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University.
  19. 2007

  20. Collective exhibition 10. Rundgang, HfG Offenbach
  21. After two years of preparation, release of the design classic “Designing Programs” by Karl Gerstner, edited by Harald Geisler und Jonas Pabst, published at Lars Müller Publishers, Baden, Switzerland.
  22. 2007-2009 Design of usage-examples and font specimen for new Linotype fonts, Bad Homburg, Germany
  23. 2009

  24. Official inclusion of the Poster “max bill abend” to the max bill archive of the bill foundation, Adligenswil, Schweiz.
  25. Granting of the academic title “Diplom Designer” by the University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main (HfG Offenbach am Main).
  26. Collective exhibition “Verquere Kommunikation”, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt
  27. First publication of the “Typographic Wall Calendar” 2010

  28. 2010

  29. “Ciseaux Matisse” is the first font published by Harald Geisler – it is inspired by the exhibition “Henri Matisse – Drawing with scissors” held 2003 in the Schirn Frankfurt.

    Followed by further original font releases Zebramatic, Speech Bubbles, Whimsical Musical and Sevigny until december 2010.

  30. Second publication of the “Typographic Wall Calendar” 2011, financed through the platform Kickstarter.
  31. 2011

  32. Publication of “Light Hearted Family” a font family in 7 styles inspired by an audio-recording “Die Macht der Verführung” from Jean Baudrillard, Suppose Verlag, 2006.