Equine Acupressure


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This video shows an introduction to the DVD “Acupressure – A safe way to give your horse therapeutic”, the App ‘Equine Acupressure’ is based on the DVD.

The App Equine Acupressure gives you an introduction to acupressure and instructions on how to treat your horse.

In contrast to acupuncture, acupressure can be used safely by anybody – as long as he or she has been given proper instruction as to how to do it. And that is exactly what the app ‘Equine Acupressure’ sets out to do – A safe way to give your horse therapeutic support.

The app provides a video introduction to equine acupressure treatment as well as showing a wide variety of simple but very effective treatment points which you can easily integrate into your daily routine. In many cases it takes only a few minutes a day to make a marked improvement to your horse’s well-being as well as helping it to become fitter, more resilient and robust, both physically and psychologically. The exercises are also an excellent way of increasing your awareness of your horse and how it is feeling. This in turn improves your confidence in each other.

The application allows you to directly access the content on your mobile device. Watch the videos to prepare or compare alternative combinations directly before you treat your horse.
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  1. Preparation
  2. Treatment techniques
  3. Treatment methods
  4. Acupuncture points
  5. Courses of treatment
  6. The basics on point combinations
  7. Tried and tested point combinations:
    • to open up the way to healing
    • for psychological support (e.g. for nervousness, aggressiveness, sluggishness)
    • strengthening the immune system
    • for older horses
    • convalescence
    • for stiffness or pain in the neck
    • muscle tension
    • back problems
    • allergies
    • painful conditions
    • quick treatment when you have only a few minutes to spare
  8. Troubleshooting: possible causes when a condition fails to improve


Support, feedback and questions

If you have questions and feedback about the content of the Equine Acupressure App or about equine acupressure in general please contact Dr. Astrid Reitz directly here.

For further information about the work of Dr. Astrid Reitz you can also visit her Homepage www.praxis-dr-reitz.com.