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The text, displayed in the picture above “I don’t know what there is to say about love…”, is my translated english transcription of an introduction spoken in German by Jean Baudrillard (from: Prolog: Wieder die Liebe / Prologue: Against Love). The text continues:

Eros creates and furthers relations,
affects, projections and identifications.
Love one another!
Who could’ve ever said seduce one another?

Light Hearted is inspired by the above mentioned recording of Jean Baudrillard with the title Die Macht der Verführung 1 (The Power of Seduction) from 2006. The typeface used in the text is Light Hearted Capital Love.
Further inspiration came from the article The shape of the heart: I’m all yours. The heart represents sacred and secular love: a bloodless sacrifice.2 by British writer Louisa Young printed in EYE magazine (#43) London, 2002.

Light Hearted is a Family of seven Fonts.

Let me introduce you to the family members:

Capital Love – Just contains capital letters. By pressing a lowercase button a alternative to the uppercase letter will appear. Every letter of the alphabet decorated with hearts.

Cute Letters – A heart on every capital letter. They are so cute.

Unchain My Heart by Harald Geisler
Chained Hearts –Hearts on a string with a letter in the middle. All hearts are designed to align automatically to a perfect string. Lowercase letters produce a heart with an outline. Uppercase letters produce a filled heart.

Prince Charming – He puts a heart on everything.
If you’re convinced that you love – you’ve got to go with Prince Charming.

Princess Charming – The Princess Charming puts more hearts on every letter.
Convince that you have to be loved – follow Princess Charming.

Heartless – is like the ones before but without decoration (for longer texts) – still very cute.

Free Communication Hearts – a surprise.

Did you ever needed the right font to say:

I like you

Well here it is. It’s called Light Hearted.

Light Hearted is a Family of seven Fonts for PC and Mac.

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    1 Baudrillard, Jean: Die Macht der Verführung. Berlin: Supposé Verlag, 2006.
    2 Young, Louisa: The Book of the Heart. Flamingo Publishing, 2002.