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  • So What
    Ligature Melodies

    So What  Ligature Melodies

    This is the 4th experimental font design added to the 2020 Font Collection. Imagine Andy Warhol and Miles Davis had a font. “So What” is inspired by a trick from Andy Warhol and a song from Miles Davis. To create the font, I locked myself in the studio listening to Davis’s “So What” on repeat…

  • 2020 Font Collection

    2020 Font Collection

    The 2020 Font Collection is about creating five experimental fonts. It was initially presented on →Kickstarter in September 2020.

  • Martin Luther King font

    Martin Luther King font

    Creating the Martin Luther King jr. Handwriting Font Letter by Letter. What does Dr. King’s handwriting look like? The civil rights activist and minister’s speeches and actions resonated around the world and continue to inspire generations today. We all know what his voice sounds like, but as a typographer, I became curious: how did he…

  • Martin Luther Font

    Martin Luther Font

    I am a typographer and specialize in handwriting fonts. In the past, I created handwriting fonts based on Albert Einstein’s and Sigmund Freud’s handwriting. Now I am following up on the series and creating two new fonts, one based on Martin Luther’s manuscripts and then during 2018 to follow up with Martin Luther King’s handwriting.…

  • Albert Einstein font

    Albert Einstein font

    Our project honors Einstein’s innovative style of thinking, which was imaginative, rigorous, and playful. The 2015 release also coincides with the centennial of the General Theory of Relativity. The Albert Einstein font is compatible with most digital devices, allowing you to “write like a genius” on your computer (Mac, PC, Linux) and phone (iPhone/iPad). If…