from Albert Einstein poster.

In 2017 I created a font based on Albert Einstein’s handwriting. Here I like to share with you a project that I created with the font: a set of four posters with 100 quotes from Einstein.

Quotes can give an inspiring and entertaining view into a persons life. Each is printed in the original size of Einstein’s handwriting, arranged in chronological order and with detailed information about the quote’s source.

There are 4 posters in the set:

  • Front A 50 German quotes with portrait / Back A 50 English quotes typography only
  • Front B 50 English quotes with portrait / Back B 50 German quotes typography only

You will receive four prints on two sheets, shipped in a strong protective poster tube.


  • Size: 50 x 70cm (ca. 20″ x 28″) 
  • Printed on matt, heavy paper
  • German and English
  • Worldwide shipping included


This poster was originally designed as a reward for backers of the Albert Einstein font Kickstarter campaign  that financed the production of the Albert Einstein font. 


100 quotes from Albert Einstein Poster


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