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  • Magnolia 1 & 2

    Magnolia 1 & 2

    I believe it was a Magnolia Liliiflora, it was about 11.5ft / 3,5m and profusely blossoming. My parents used to have this tree in front of their house. At one point, it was decided that the tree had to go because of a gas pipe that was below his roots, and I was asked to…

  • Dear Roozen A & B

    Dear Roozen A & B

    “We are dying. We think we are not. This is a good argument for giving up thinking. Spend one night each week, in candlelight.”  from Deborah Hay, “My Body, The Buddhist”, 2013 Details, click to enlarge. Specifications: “Roozen” is the old Dutch word for roses. Dutch still-life painting was always an inspiration to me, an…

  • 100 quotes from Albert Einstein – Poster

    100 quotes from Albert Einstein – Poster

    In 2017 I created a font based on Albert Einstein’s handwriting. Here I like to share with you a project that I created with the font: a set of four posters with 100 quotes from Einstein. Quotes can give an inspiring and entertaining view into a person’s life. Each is printed in the original size…

  • 1932 Einstein / Freud Letters

    1932 Einstein / Freud Letters

    The Kickstarter Campaign is over. But you can still join the conversation and receive the letters. This is included: The fonts can be ordered here:

  • Cancel / Save / OK

    Cancel / Save / OK

    The Cancel / Save / OK series is inspired by the typography and design of the classic Mac OS user interface. Chicago is the typeface used throughout the classic Mac OS system in buttons, menus, and dialogs. Below is a draft of a vector drawing I made to print the buttons in high resolution. Chicago…