• So What  Ligature Melodies

    So What
    Ligature Melodies

    This is the 4th experimental font design added to the 2020 Font Collection. Imagine Andy Warhol and Miles Davis had a font. “So What” is inspired by a trick from Andy Warhol and a song from Miles Davis. To create the font, I locked myself in the studio listening to Davis’s “So What” on repeat…

  • Martin Luther King Jr. handwriting font
    Update #15

    There’s a new update available to the Martin Luther king Font. You can download the font from your account: You are new? Download the font for free here: This Update adds the numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 and an alternative period. The new version will show up in your font menu as “Martin Luther…

  • Martin Luther King Jr. handwriting font
    Update #14

    This update comes to you a bit earlier than usual. January 15th is Martin Luther King jr’s Birthday. So I thought it would be a good reason to release a new update. You can download the font from your account: You are new? Download the font for free here: This Update adds the letters: ă…

  • Typographic Object #0 – 8HOW ARE YOU

    Typographic Object #0 – 8

    Nine Typographic Objects produced in the context of the Typographic Postcard Series. The project was first presented on Kickstarter in September 2020. Typographic Object #0HOW ARE YOU2020 sold Owner: J. Ulanovsky, B. A., ArgentinaNovember 2020 Typographic Detail:On the first day of January in 2002, the Euro currency was introduced. After 1999 keyboard manufacturers started to…

  • 2020 Font Collection

    2020 Font Collection

    The 2020 Font Collection is about creating five experimental fonts. It was initially presented on →Kickstarter in September 2020.

  • Programme entwerfen – Karl Gerstner

    Programme entwerfen – Karl Gerstner

    Find the English edition →here. Version française →ici. Wichtige Bücher haben oft nur ein kurzes Leben. Sie können vielleicht ein unerforschtes Gebiet beleuchten oder für kurze Zeit das Interesse auf sich ziehen, doch dann verschwinden sie auf einem staubigen Bücherbord. Einige wenige aber überdauern. Auf sie wird verwiesen, sie werden von Generation zu Generation weiter…

  • Designing Programmes – Karl Gerstner

    Designing Programmes – Karl Gerstner

    Die deutschsprachige Version finden Sie →hier. Version française →ici. Some important books have only a brief life. They may light up an unexplored area or catch a rising tide of interest before they disappear onto dusty shelves. A few others last, are referred to and recommended by one generation to another.  Designing Programmes is one…

  • Magnolia 1 & 2

    Magnolia 1 & 2

    I believe it was a Magnolia Liliiflora, it was about 11.5ft / 3,5m and profusely blossoming. My parents used to have this tree in front of their house. At one point, it was decided that the tree had to go because of a gas pipe that was below his roots, and I was asked to…

  • Dear Roozen A & B

    Dear Roozen A & B

    “We are dying. We think we are not. This is a good argument for giving up thinking. Spend one night each week, in candlelight.”  from Deborah Hay, “My Body, The Buddhist”, 2013 Details, click to enlarge. Specifications: “Roozen” is the old Dutch word for roses. Dutch still-life painting was always an inspiration to me, an…

  • Martin Luther King font

    Martin Luther King font

    Creating the Martin Luther King jr. Handwriting Font Letter by Letter. What does Dr. King’s handwriting look like? The civil rights activist and minister’s speeches and actions resonated around the world and continue to inspire generations today. We all know what his voice sounds like, but as a typographer, I became curious: how did he…