• Typographic Wall Calendar 2010 – 2016

    Typographic Wall Calendar 2010 – 2016

    Introduction “…one-of-a-kind…” Armin Vit, Quipsologies (former Speak Up) Vol.47 No.60, Austin, TX, US “…stunning reinterpretation of a calendar is a masterful example of how a designer can completely flip a genre signifier on its head. Geisler reimagines calendars in order to change the way we visualize time, and in turn, redefines what it means to…

  • (new) Typographic Postcards on Kickstarter

    (new) Typographic Postcards on Kickstarter

    This project is about creating a set of typographic postcards made with used keyboard keys.

  • Albert Einstein font

    Albert Einstein font

    Our project honors Einstein’s innovative style of thinking, which was imaginative, rigorous, and playful. The 2015 release also coincides with the centennial of the General Theory of Relativity. The Albert Einstein font is compatible with most digital devices, allowing you to “write like a genius” on your computer (Mac, PC, Linux) and phone (iPhone/iPad). If…

  • SATOR Square

    SATOR Square

    updated 21 Oct. 2022 The SATOR Square is a Latin Palindrome. The keys read the same backward and forwards, from bottom to top. As a result, the SATOR Square evokes a calming sense of order and complete symmetry. The earliest datable square was found in the ruins of Pompeii, which was buried in the ash…

  • Typographic Postcards

    Typographic Postcards

    Purchase PostcardsSeries of postcards.Material: 265gr cardboardPrinted in GermanyPrinting: offset with glossy UV sealing, some with a matte finish, and some are also stickers.You will receive the complete series in a protective envelope. PostkartenSerie von Typografischen Postkarten.Material: 265gr KartonGedruckt in Deutschland.Druck: Offset mit UV Glanzlackierung, manche mit matter Veredelung, einige Karten sind Aufkleber.Sie erhalten alle Postkarten…

  • 2014 Typographic Wall Calendar

    2014 Typographic Wall Calendar

    This project is about producing an extra large (84x119cm) printed wall calender made of 2014 keyboard keys.

  • Sigmund Freud Typeface

    With kind support from the Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna and the Freud Museum London. For those who regretwhat keyboards and touch screenshave done to their penmanship,typographer Harald Geislerhas an answer:Sigmund Freud. Sigmund Freud was a neurologist who lived from 1856 to 1939. His research and studies led to the foundation of Psychoanalysis. When I first…

  • 2013 Typographic Wall Calendar Kickstarter

    2013 Typographic Wall Calendar Kickstarter

    The 2013 Typographic Wall Calendar is a project to produce a large (27.56in x 39.37in) printed wall calendar made of 2013 keyboard keys.

  • Conspired Lovers

    Conspired Lovers is inspired by love-letter-writing. A font to capture the intentions of writing love letters more than any other font. Conspired Lovers is inspired by love-letter-writing. A font to capture the intentions of writing love letters more than any other font. How did the Project start? In the last five years I wrote love…