• Capital Love

    Capital Love is a fresh, hand-drawn Font. The alphabet’s vivid ductus reminds us of the dynamic qualities that can be found in Keith Haring’s graffiti drawings. All shapes are drawn individually and do not oblige to a geometrical system. The font contains two sets of capital letters decorated with hearts. By pressing a lowercase button,…

  • Bauernstrauß


    Bauernstrauß high resolution image (13599px x 9599px = 130 Megapixels) made in August 2010. Available as a limited photoprint (edition of five) and offset print. Detail: Detail (actual pixels): Details:

  • Echinacea


    I admit the flowers in this picture (Echinacea) I had forgotten in my studio. After weeks they dried out, but they kept their color. At one point, they fell on my couch and spread everywhere. Since chance is an important factor in my creation process, I decided to work with it and experiment and try…

  • Light Hearted Font Family

    The text in the picture above, “I don’t know what there is to say about love…” is my translated English transcription of an introduction in German by Jean Baudrillard (from Prolog: Wieder die Liebe / Prologue: Against Love). The text continues: Eros creates and furthers relations,affects, projections and identifications.Love one another!Who could’ve ever said seduce…

  • Kickstarter: 2011 Typographic Wall Calendar

    Kickstarter: 2011 Typographic Wall Calendar

    This project is about producing an extra large printed wall calender made of the number of used keyboard keys that enumerate the year (2011-201x) Good News: On November 25th 2010 the Kickstarter funding campaign was successful with 205%!

  • Sevigny

    Sevigny is for the poetic eye.It sings to readers – luring and promising – sweet like candy. Even though it is different, you feel that you’ve already seen it.Sevigny seduces you to look.Look twice.Déjà vu Ease the lure.Allow your eyes to follow the rhythmic ribbon.Enjoy the wavy ride on the weavy patterns. Let Sevigny enrich your design…

  • Whimsical Musical

    Whimsical Musical is a vivid, hand drawn font with 405 alternate letters, all caps.

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  • Speech Bubbles

    The font Speech Bubbles offers a convenient way to integrate text and images. While the font can be used to design comics, it also gives the typographer a tool to make text speak – to give words conversational dynamics and to emphasize the sound of the message visually. The font includes a total of seventy outlines…

  • Zebramatic – A Lettering Safari

    Zebramatic is a font for editorial design to create headlines and titles in eye-catching stripes. Constructed to offer flexible and a variety of graphical possibilities, the Zebramatic type is easy to use. The font is offered in three styles: POW, SLAM, and WHAM. These styles work both as ready-made fonts and as patterns to create unique, individualized…

  • Ciseaux Matisse

    Ciseaux Matisse was inspired by the exhibition Drawing With Scissors, which I visited at the Kunsthalle Schirn in my hometown of Frankfurt am Main in 2003, and the book Jazz, published in 1947 by Henri Matisse. Admittedly, before that time, I wasn’t a fan of Matisse’s work, neither his late nor early work. That definitely…